Johann Bona is a fashion photographer turned award-winning creative director driven by a deep appreciation for simplicity. Guided by the pursuit of distilling the essence of a subject to its purest form, he creates visual narratives that speak volumes with the simplest of gestures. Johann’s visual language communicates a sense of calm that resonates at an emotional level and reflects his perpetual quest for tranquillity and the inherent elegance found in simplicity. This personal philosophy has led him to cofound Casa Bona, an interior-designed production space, to advocate well-being through thoughtful design and curation.

With over fifteen years of industry expertise, Johann fell in love with sharing this knowledge, finding joy in teaching the craft to young aspiring image-makers. He teaches visual communications at Humber College, one of the leading creative colleges in Toronto, and conducted lectures at Seneca College and the University of Toronto. A cum laude graduate with a Master in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Johann worked largely as a fashion photographer after graduating, dividing his time between Canada, Italy, and Southeast Asia. His work has since appeared in international editions of Esquire, L’Officiel, Town & Country and Tatler, among others, and he has amassed a notable clientele for commissioned work including BBDO, Havaianas, and Wrangler. In 2013, he was signed by the artist management agency Jed Root in Asia. He currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.